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a day to each company, an▓d, some thirty years later, for tho▓se who survived—a medal! Never● were the rank and file of a



n army that had ●done so much rewarded at so exceedingly cheap a ●rate. The necessity for keeping the regul●ar army on a war footing aft●er 1815, still remained so

  • increase in political freedom ●was added less fear of
  • the sovereign.The tim●e had passed since any King ?/li>
  • 駉f England either could, or would, ▓use the army (in
  • the way the Stuarts wanted to d●o) as a means of repre
  • ssing the peopl▓e or their freedom.Englishmen had got o●ve
  • r this childish dread lest the so●ldiery should be us

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long as t●here was an army of occupation, 25,000 str▓ong, to be kept in France.In 1816▓,235 therefore, the numerical stren


gth of ▓the army was 175,615 men, exclusive of▓ those employed in India.But● when that occupation cea

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sed,● a reduction of 26,000 men followed● as a matter of course, and most of the ca▓dres of regiments

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were reduced● to a very low peace strengt●h. CHAPTER XIII THE ARMY AFTER THE ●LONG PEACE—THE C

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RIMEA, 1854 ▓Reference has already been made to the re▓duction of the army after Waterloo.When warl▓ik


e enthusiasm died out, and the cost ●of the war—some £800,000,000—had been g▓rasped, the natural reac


tion ●came.Retrenchment “all along the li●ne” was natural; but though the numbers● were reduced to a

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weak peace footing,● few regiments actually ceased to exist.The o▓ld 100th, 99th, 98th, 97th, 96th, ●95th, and 94th Battali

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ons were ●disbanded.Many regiments received fr▓esh numbers.Hence the army in▓ 1821 numbered 99,224 men, with 20,000 in I▓ndia; but there was a slight▓ increase to the infantry in 1823,● when the 94th, 95th, 96th, 97th, 98t

h, a▓nd 99th reappear, and a further increase ▓of 7,000 in 1831 because of Irish discontent; b●ut this was again reduced, to be increased in 18●48.In 1837 the army consisted of ninet▓y-nine regiments of the line, with the Ri●fle Brigade, but was extremely weak i●n th

e matter of the artillery and cavalry. ▓ The dread of war died with the banishment o▓f the great emperor to St.Helena, and was bur●ied with his death.Europe was at p●eace

ed actively


l peace was po▓ssible until the millennium came.Even▓ those who looked forward to that event did not ▓read prophecy correct

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  • but economic que▓stions,
  • and when the national pocket was p
  • inche▓d, the army was reduced as the
  • readiest and eas▓iest m
  • eans of meeting the defi▓cit.It w
  • as no longer feared, had even
  • become● res
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  • the past may● have been gre
  • at, and only possib●ly might be
  • of equal value in the future But i▓n
  • the immediate present (
  • at any per●iod in this century) t
  • he reformer merely looke●d at
  • things as t
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  • hey then were, and carefully
  • pu▓t off till the to-morrow what
  • it▓ would have been less costly to d
  • o quietly to-d▓ay.Such
  • politicians do not see tha●t the om
  • inous war-cloud means▓ war ri
  • sks, greater

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ly.Ther●e were to be “wars and rumours of ●wars,” but the people sat qu▓ietly down and dreamed of a co▓ntinual peace, wh

higher pri
ces▓, and m
ore expe

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ich was as imposs▓ible as a continual war. Exhaus▓tion follows great warlike efforts, ▓and exhaustion,237 of a different


kin●d, follows prolonged peace.Th●ere is “a deal of human nature● about man,” and there is at▓ the bottom of most of us

ect a●s sound an insurance in this respe▓ct as the case needed.The story of all volu▓ntary armies has practically been the same●. With the
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cessation of ho●stilities came the shower of reward●s, but with a considerable reservation.Ensig▓ns of the Guards were to rank▓ as lieutenants
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, and the 1st F▓oot Guards were made “Grenadiers.” Generals we●re made peers, and the knighthood of the B●ath expanded to decorate others.But
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an old combati●ve spirit that, however concealed by c▓ommon conventional life, is none t●he less still smouldering below t

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